Helping deliver one of Australia’s largest aviation construction projects

May 11, 2020

    For CPB Contractors’ Todd Davison, his path to construction management started in a trade.

    The former electrician, who joined the CIMIC Group in 2011, undertook an apprenticeship in Christchurch, New Zealand, before moving into site and project management roles in the UK, NZ and Australia.

    As Electrical Manager, he recently oversaw completion of the New Parallel Runway at Brisbane Airport, one of the largest aviation construction projects in Australia.

    “While I have since undertaken studies in project management to assist in getting me to where I am, (I believe) my start as an electrician has given me a more practical grounding,” Todd said. 

    Since joining the CIMIC Group, Todd has worked across a number of key projects including Airport Link, QCLNG and North Surat.

    He was part of the 2017 Skyway start-up team at the New Parallel Runway site, which was delivered as a joint venture with BMD Constructions for Brisbane Airport Corporation and handed over in late April.

    “Initially the site could only be described as a desert or being lost in the dunes of Moreton Island,” Todd said.

    “Everywhere you looked was sand, sometimes coloured green by the stabilising agent.

    “The site really transformed in the last 12 months of the project with the completion of the runway and taxiways, inground services like drainage, conduits and pits, as well as the finishing touches of landscaping, line marking and airfield ground lights.”

    As part of the project, Todd worked on design and implementation of a new Airfield Ground Lighting System for the existing airfield and the New Parallel Runway, and the installation and commissioning of all airfield ground lighting systems including cabling.

    “This included over 2000 inset and elevated lights and over 190kms of cable,” Todd said.

    He also worked on the installation and commissioning of three new substations and fibre optic networks to facilitate CCTV, building management, the IT network and public address systems.

    All electrical infrastructure, including switchboards, generators, fire alarm and suppression systems was also under his guard, as was design, installation and commissioning of the runway and taxiway’s High Intensity Approach Lighting.

    “In terms of key infrastructure projects, it’s not every day you get the opportunity to work on a new runway and taxiway system,” he said.

    “We worked in and around a live operational airfield safely and efficiently, managing weather impacts while working closely with our key stakeholders and subcontractors.

    “This is a project that CPB Contractors can be really proud of and I look forward to being on planes taking off and landing on it for many years to come.”

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