Our Principles are Integrity, Accountability, Innovation and Delivery. Within the Principles framework, Safety underpins everything. It is fundamental to our business.

Keeping our people safe is our absolute priority and the most important thing that we do. We actively promote a culture where safety is integrated into our normal business practices.

We set clear expectations of our leaders to ensure that we do not compromise the safety of our people for any reason. This includes our subcontractors.

We work hard to make our workplaces safe and we are constantly assessing the safety of our workplaces. Our company-wide framework helps to ensure our best-practice management of safety and health.

Safety Essentials

The Safety Essentials are focused on providing our projects with the rules, tools and knowledge to manage the areas of project activity that pose the greatest risk to our people.

The Safety Essentials and are firmly embedded in our management system, comprising procedures, tools, knowledge, booklets, posters, in-field guides and toolbox talks.

Originally launched in 2010, they were refreshed and reinvigorated in 2015 after a period of extensive review and consultation with our project staff.

Use of ‘Above the Line’ controls within each of the Safety Essentials is expected as these controls eliminate, substitute, isolate or engineer out the risk from causing harm.

As a company, we will not compromise on our Safety Essentials, because nothing is more important than the safety of our people.