Driving "Balance for Better" on International Women's Day

March 08, 2019
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Project
  • Sustainability
  • Engineering and Infrastructure

CPB Contractors recognised International Women’s Day across its many locations in a bid to drive “Balance for better” across the company.

In a largely male-dominated industry, the company has committed to doing its part to increase the number of women in construction roles and leadership roles at CPB Contractors.

Last year, the company launched a program, People First, aimed at better supporting its employees, part of which includes a strong focus on progressing female representation across CPB Contractors. 

Key areas have been identified to help drive the company’s goal and include setting targets for female representation by 2020, revised hiring approach, ongoing pay equity reviews and, this year, a training and mentoring program will be rolled out across the company to support and encourage women to advance to more senior roles.

CPB Contractors Managing Director, Juan Santamaria says that International Women’s Day is a good reminder of the progress that has been made in our society and company to date, and is also a reminder that there is still a lot that needs to be done.

“International Women’s Day is an important day that continues to educate people on the importance of progressing gender equality for individuals, businesses and the broader community.
“Beyond the day, it is essential that leaders continue to drive gender equality in their respective businesses. Construction is an industry that has predominantly been a male-dominated industry and there is a push improve this. We are on our journey at CPB Contractors to make an impact on this and have leaders that are committed to making a difference,” Mr Santamaria said.
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