Warning to suppliers and potential employees of fraudulent emails

August 24, 2020
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Like many organisations, CPB Contractors can be the subject of false representation by third parties not associated with our company. Often employee names and logos are used to try and convey legitimacy and they have been used without authority.

Some of the more common examples to be aware of are below.

Fraudulent job offer emails

Fraudulent offers of employment can be emailed to job seekers by individuals or organisations, claiming to represent CPB Contractors. In some cases, job seekers are asked to disclose personally identifiable information. In most cases the individual being approached has not even applied for a vacancy with our company.

These fraudulent emails do not originate from CPB Contractors even though some may use our name and logo. These have been used without authority.

If you have any questions about the authenticity of an email from our recruitment, please contact us here.

What is recruitment fraud?

Recruitment fraud happens when fake job opportunities are offered to job seekers and can involve listing non-existent jobs that are designed to extort money and or obtain personal information.

Recruitment fraud offer occurs online using fake recruitment e-mails, SMS texts, websites, social media and online recruitment services such as LinkedIn or unsolicited emails claiming to be from well-known organisations.

What to look out for

Please note CPB Contractors will NEVER:

  • Make an employment offer without conducting a formal interview
  • Ask for a fee, advance payment or commission to be paid by candidates
  • Ask for personal information to be sent via email
  • Use a variant of our web address (www.cpbcon.com.au)
  • Make unsolicited job offers via an unofficial email (ie. Hotmail or Gmail)
  • Have a third party make an offer of employment to a candidate on its behalf.

Legitimate information regarding career opportunities with CPB Contractors is available on our website.

Fraudulent emails to suppliers

False tender proposals, supply requests and purchase orders that claim to originate from CPB Contractors have previously been identified. It is advised to carefully review and query unsolicited purchase orders (or similar) claiming to be from CPB Contractors, especially if CPB Contractors is not an existing customer.

Please note CPB Contractors will NEVER:

  • Send a purchase order without conducting a formal supplier interview and tender process
  • Ask for a fee, advance payment or commission to be paid by suppliers
  • Use a variant of our web address (www.cpbcon.com.au)
  • Use a variant of our email address (@cpbcon.com.au)
  • Please alert CPB Contractors of any suspected or fraudulent emails, request forms and or similar order documentation by this email.

What you can do

If you believe you have been the victim of fraud, we advise you to contact your local authorities and inform CPB Contractors of the incident using the relevant contacts above. While CPB Contractors cannot prevent this illegal activity, our company will endeavour to support any investigations wherever possible.

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