CPB Contractors digitising landmark infrastructure projects

June 11, 2021
  • Innovation

WestConnex applies technology to planning, design and construction

The team delivering the Rozelle Interchange in Sydney is using the latest BIM technology to simplify construction processes and create safer working environments.

As the last stage of Sydney megaproject WestConnex, the Rozelle Interchange Project had to ensure that the detailed planning of the tunnel’s complex cavern sequences was complete before site works commenced.

Mitch Erickson, CPB Contractors’ Digital Engineering Manager, used Building Information Modelling (BIM) design model outputs to facilitate 4D Planning and Virtual Reality (VR) throughout the planning, design and construction phases.

The use of this technology assisted with the identification of risks while also helping to visually demonstrate possible construction methodologies to the wider team.

“We used 4D modelling to virtually excavate the large caverns in the mainline tunnels, with two distinct roadheader types built into the model to demonstrate how this could be achieved most efficiently,” said Mitch.

The use of 4D planning has further enabled the project to use a dedicated Virtual Reality model environment. For instance, the team could visit sites to review activities at any point within the 33 kilometres of tunnels and passages virtually.

 “We have improved design reviews, run workshops, and conducted incident management simulations with government departments to create a safer environment and ensure compliance with operational needs. Even trucking and logistics companies have used the functionality to determine access, requirements, and vehicle paths for prefabricated units.”

The VR model is an effective planning and rendering tool. By providing an immersive virtual environment, the team can walk through the tunnels, see the structure's spatial profiles and internal and external building finishes in real-time.

Digitising landmark infrastructure projects
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