Augmented reality app for better delivery

March 09, 2022
  • Innovation
  • Engineering design

CPB Contractors and EIC Activities have jointly developed a new app, TobeMaps, that uses augmented reality technology to take design to the field.

The ability to easily view designs in context, on mobile phones and tablets, improves decision making and produces a safer and more efficient delivery.

Using GPS location or image scanning, the app tracks the user’s movements and measures depths to build a three-dimensional view of the design on site.

Damon McLean, Group Manager Innovation, said: “The ability to visualise all design disciplines, both above and below ground, along with identifying utilities, provides significantly more information to delivery teams. This improves the planning of work, with benefits for space proofing and clash detection, logistics, and safety.

“It is also easy to use, doesn’t require specialist equipment and can be used by multiple team members.”    

Jovan Harrod, EIC Activities Senior Engineer – Immersive Technologies, said: “AR is a proven medium for reducing cognitive load when viewing 3D information and is a superior communication medium when compared to paper and tablet-based model viewing while on-site.”

“AR can be used in any sector and throughout the life-cycle of a project for efficient communication of any 3D spatial information in a real-world context. “

 The TobeMaps app is being used by CPB Contractors on major projects across Australia and has proven itself to be a tool that de-risks delivery by enabling immersive planning, more timely decisions and safer outcomes.   

EIC Activities works with CPB Contractors by providing its specialist engineering expertise to support innovation.

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