Australia-Singapore Military Training Initiative

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Department of Defence
  • Infrastructure
  • Defence
2021 to 2027

CPB Contractors is the Managing Contractor for the planning phase of the Australia-Singapore Military Training Initiative (ASMTI) facilities project in North Queensland for the Australian Government’s Department of Defence.

The ASMTI project in North Queensland will see the development of an estimated 310,000 hectare training area near Greenvale, 220km north-west of Townsville for use by the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

The Department of Defence is also expanding the Shoalwater Bay Training Area in Central Queensland under the ASMTI.

Design work for the Greenvale site will commence in early 2021 and construction will commence in mid-2022. The project is scheduled to be completed in late 2027.

When the initiative reaches maturity, up to 14,000 Singapore Armed Forces will conduct unilateral training in Central and North Queensland for up to 18 weeks a year for 25 years, providing enduring benefits to the region.

Scope of work

The site will see conversion of grazing properties into a new training area at Greenvale, suitable for both ADF and SAF training requirements, including battlegroup manoeuvre and live fire activities across a mix of environments and terrain. The scope of works includes, but is not limited to:

  • Post land acquisition facilities and infrastructure
  • Range Control Facilities
  • Hardened Manoeuvre Corridors
  • Supporting Engineering Infrastructure
  • Field Toilets and Waste Management
  • Camp Accommodation
  • Vehicle Wash, Storage and Maintenance
  • Urban Operations Live Fire (UOLF)
  • Combined Arms Air Land Range (CAALR)
  • Information Communications Technology Infrastructure
  • Bulk Logistics Node
  • Medical Facilities

Local participation in the project

CPB Contractors is working with the Department of Defence to ensure economic opportunities created by this project are maximised through the involvement of local suppliers including Indigenous communities and enterprises.

To achieve its target of more than 90 percent workforce from North Queensland, CPB Contractors will host a number of industry forums and pop up information points during the planning phase to share opportunities and information.

How you can get involved

Industry forum dates will be posted on this page as they are available and made available through the Defence ASMTI newsletter.

Businesses are also encouraged to register interest through Defence’s existing request for Capability Statements.

For more information or to make a time to meet with the Townsville CPB Contractors team, email

ASMTI Engagement and Tender Activity

All suitably qualified design consultants are now invited to submit a tender for available Works Packages. The Pre-Tender documents are available by emailing

Tenders close at 4pm on 15 March 2021.

The Works Packages include:

  • WP 0001 Civil/Infrastructure Engineering
  • WP 0002 Electrical Engineering
  • WP 0003 Structural Engineering
  • WP 0004 Mechanical Engineering
  • WP 0005 Hydraulic Engineering (incl Water Services)
  • WP 0006 Geotechnical Engineering
  • WP 0007 Fire Services Engineering
  • WP 0008 Acoustic Engineering
  • WP 0009 Building Certification & DDA Compliance Services
  • WP 0010 Architectural, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Commercial Kitchen Design Services and Logistics
  • WP 0011 Quantity Surveying (Cost Planning & WOL Analysis)
  • WP 0012 Environmental Consultant
  • WP 0013 Hazardous Area/Dangerous Goods and Explosive Ordnance Consultant
  • WP 0014 Communications Engineer (Incl Audio Visual)
  • WP 0015 SCEC Security Consultant
  • WP 0016 ESD Consultant
  • WP 0017 Range Planner / Ballistics Consultant
  • WP 0018 Airfield Planner / Pavement Engineer
  • WP 0019 Quarry Management
  • WP 0020 Topographical Surveyor
  • WP 0021 Fire Safety Engineer
  • WP 0022 (WP identification number not used)
  • WP 0023 Contamination Consultant
  • WP 0024 Heritage Consultant
  • WP 0025 Bushfire Protection Consultant

It is anticipated consultants will be appointed to commence design works in April 2021, with completion of the Planning Phase in December 2021. The Delivery Phase is expected to commence in early 2022, with construction activities completed by the end of 2027, and the Defects Liability Period completed by the end of 2028.

CPB Contractors is a proud supporter of The Oasis Townsville - the Home Base for the ex-ADF community, supporting the transition, connection and integration of veterans and their families into the Townsville Community.


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