CPB Contractors Pty Ltd convicted and fined for odour offences

October 04, 2019

    CPB Contractors Pty Ltd (the Company) has been convicted in the Land and Environment Court of NSW under section 129 of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 for causing offensive odours to be emitted at the WestConnex M5 St Peters Interchange premises (the St Peters Interchange).

    The offences were committed on four occasions in April, May and June 2017 in the course of construction activities undertaken by the Company at the St Peters Interchange. The odour was associated with leachate which was generated by water coming into contact with waste pre-existing at the premises. The Company’s failure to control the leachate adequately meant harm was caused to residents living and working in the vicinity of the St Peters Interchange. The offences were foreseeable.

    CPB Contractors is genuinely and sincerely sorry to the community and its residents for the offensive odours emitted from the project site. As a result of not effectively managing the offensive odours, the Company pleaded guilty to all four offences. Steps have now been taken to prevent those incidents reoccurring.

    On 25 September 2019, the Company was ordered to:

    1. Pay a total of $295,000 to the Environmental Trust in lieu of a fine,
    2. Pay the EPA’s investigation and legal costs,
    3. Publish this notice in the Australia Financial Review, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Inner West Courier, on the website and social media pages of the Company, and
    4. Provide notice to street addresses in the area surrounding the St Peters Interchange.
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