Suppliers & Sub-Contractors

Thank you for your interest in partnering with CPB Contractors.

At CPB Contractors, we believe in the importance of business relationships and welcome your interest in partnering with us.

Interested in becoming a supplier?

CPB Contractors is always interested in new sources of supply. Potential suppliers that wish to have goods or services evaluated are requested to provide a company brochure or information to

If your enquiry relates to providing goods or services to a specific project or tender, please clearly state the name of the project or tender in the subject line of your email.

Following review of your information, CPB Contractors will typically invite your company to formally register an Expression of Interest (EOI) for specific projects or packages and undertake a ‘pre-qualification’ process as part of the evaluation.

Paying suppliers

We require that all invoices received for payment have a valid Purchase Order (PO) number or Contract Agreement Number (CAN), whichever is appropriate, and the contact name of the person who requested the goods or service.

Please direct any questions regarding payment to our Accounts Payable Customer Line on (02) 8668 6105 or email

CPB Contractors Early Payment Program

(If the video does not appear below, please click here or open this web page in Google Chrome.)

CPB Contractors’ Early Payment Program utilises supply chain financing to enable payment of invoices within 10 business days in exchange for a small discount.

For more information on how our Early Payment Program works, please watch our video above (best viewed in Chrome) and also download our Quick Reference Guide.

You can direct any questions regarding our Early Payment Program to your CPB Contractors representative or email